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Uncovering the Mystery of Omega Mystery Box

Omega Mystery Box offers fun for collectors, gives an incredible retail product for shops, and is an instant success for live streamers who choose to unbox their customers’ selection online. Whether you’re a die-hard Pokémon fan, or any all-around trading card collector the Omega mystery slabs guarantee hidden gems and treasured additions to your collection.

Opening each Omega Mystery Box unwraps that excitement, all while adding awesome memories and cards to your collectible adventures.

We have quality products

Each Omega Mystery Box comes with 10 graded card slab packs. Each card is individually wrapped in a foil pack.
We are committed to sending you top quality collectible cards that can be used for personal collections, retail shops, or for live streamers looking for a new product to offer their audiences. Mysterious and wonderful collectibles are in your future. Unlock those through Omega – Your Omega Mystery Box is full of potential.

The four cards pictured below are examples of some of the Chase Hits randomized within the entire product run of Series Beta!

Series A Available From

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